Summary & Final Exam

Includes questions about information in Modules 10, & 11.
You can look back at Modules 10 & 11 to help you find answers and refresh your memory. But, remember, the exam is timed, you only have 10 minutes to complete this six question exam. Modules will open in a new browser window:

As stated earlier in this course, completion of the course is necessary to obtain a final judgment of dissolution of marriage, paternity action, and for the Judge to render an order in your case involving a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule . Upon receipt of your course completion certificate, you need to file your certificate with the clerk of the court to be included in your court file.


The divorce or separation process is difficult and can take its toll on parents, children, friends and relatives. We hope this course has helped you answer some questions you may be wondering about during this trying time. Please remember to take care of yourself so that you can make the most of your new life and meet -- with a positive attitude -- the long list of changes you are experiencing.

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